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Dancing with your Baby can Improve their Brain Development and Health!

You put on some music and start dancing while doing the dishes to get in a good mood.
Why not include your baby? 
Studies show that getting your groove on with the little one can actually promote their health and development, as well as improve their social skills for life!  Dancing with your baby can improve their health and development!

Health and Growth  Movementfor your baby increases cerebrospinal fluid circulation, causing more blood flow to your baby's now active brain! These studies and others cited by Dr. Michael Hogan in Psychology Today prove thatdancing with your babe even boosts their immune system, and promotes bone growth!
Motor Development Studies show that babies who are held and passed around with music and movement typically sit and walk sooner than other babies, because their vestibular system is being stimulated, helping them with the balance needed to sit, walk, and run! 
Socio-Cognitive Skills Dancing can help your baby to become people savvy! Sue Doherty writes in…